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Upcoming Events!

Join us at the Refined Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. March 10, 2018.
Join us at the Montgomery, Ohio Independence Day Celebration. All our proceeds will benefit Young Life Capernaum.
Craft Soda, Soda Festival, Apothecary Soda, Buckeye State Soda
Join us at the 2018 Minnesota Soda Festival!
Homer Soda, Craft Soda, Buckeye State Soda, Apothecary Soda
Join us at the Homer Soda Fest 2018


Contact Information:

Root Naturals (Buckeye State Soda)
9891 Montgomery Road #115
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
BuckeyeStateSoda at

Return Policy:

The cost of any product damaged during shipping will be refunded to the customer. Amount of refund is based on amount of damage. If a bottle is broken we will refund 1/24th of the cost. If the whole case is lost, broken or damaged we will refund the entire cost of the product and shipping or send another case at no cost except shipping depending on the customers preference. Refunds must be requested within 72 hours of delivery of the shipment and in some cases will require photographic evidence sent to the email address above. We are not responsible for cases delivered and left sitting outside by the customer or stolen before the customer can receive them. Refunds are not issued for any other reasons other than damaged product, defective product or incorrect product.

Weather & Storage Policy:

Because our craft sodas are bottled in glass we do not deliver in freezing weather conditions as the bottles will break. Do not store your case(s) in an unheated area during freezing weather conditions as the bottles can break or the caps may become compromised. Root Naturals, LLC is not responsible for product left sitting in unheated or otherwise uncontrolled environments by the customer. Root Naturals, LLC is not responsible for harm or injury from glass broken once the product has left our facility.