Buckeye State Soda

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In keeping with the nearly 80 year family tradition we began bottling our award winning Buckeye State Scarlet Soda in the Fall of 2015. It celebrates the great state of Ohio which has given so much to the world and changed the course of history. What would the world look like without electricity, planes & cures for pandemics like polio? How much less exciting would Summer be had not industrious Buckeyes decided to start professional baseball and soccer? What would presidential history look like without the great state of Ohio? And let’s not forget, had Admiral Perry not defeated the British in 1813 at the Battle of Lake Erie, the United States of America would have most likely ceased to exist and the great experiment of democracy and freedom would have no doubt become a footnote in British history books. There’s no denying it “je suis Ohioan”. And if you love democracy, freedom, medicine, electricity, aviation, baseball, soccer and the abolition of slavery…”vous etes Ohioan” and this soda is for you. Drink it in Ohio! You deserve it!